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Hulda Clark left behind a huge body of work that is still at the forefront of health to this day. Decades after her books were published, the world is slowly catching up to the many ideas she presented in the fields of parasitology, frequency therapy / electromedicine, toxicology, and leading a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Watch and listen to the reasearch of Hulda Clark in her own words.

Hulda Clark Documentary - The Cure from Frequency Generation on Vimeo.

Here are excerpts from the books of Hulda Clark:

Ebooks excerpts from The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark

As part of her legacy, Hulda Clark wrote several encyclopedic books regarding self-health and making wellness lifestyle choices. From her books we created Ebooks that contain samples of Dr. Hulda Clark’s inspirational message and direct approach toward guiding health decisions.

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Self Health Books by Hulda Clark podcast
Listen to excerpts from Self Health Books by Hulda Clark on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hulda Clark's Traditional Herbal Cleanse Recipes

Recipes from Dr. Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure For All Diseases"

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