Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark Ebooks

Hulda Clark wrote extensively on self-health topics to help guide personal journeys to wellness. The book, "The Cure For All Diseases," covers the body from head to toe suggesting many self-health plans of action. The CFAD excerpts are intended to inspire you to read the entire book so you can get the full story.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD EPUB: These excerpts are in EPUB format which will open automatically on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac. However, Android must first choose and install an EPUB reader from a long list of many. ReadEra worked best for us.

Why EPUB? Customization makes the information more accessible for everyone. EPUB format allows you to change the font size so you can read text easier. The EPUB Reader apps allow you to change the color of the background to make reading easier on the eye. Some EPUB Readers read the material out loud in a creepy AI voice! The options are amazing. The EPUB downloads like a book to your device, and you can read it anywhere and share it with anyone. We hope that offering Hulda Clark's writings in the EPUB format makes it easier to get to the information you need. There's nothing like Dr. Clark's words to inspire you toward your health goals. We wish you all the best.