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Hulda Clark Zapper Helps Our Planet

How the Clark Zapper Helps Our Planet

Our vision is a world populated with healthy people, living their best lives, not living with disease or side-effects. Our vision is a clean environment, not littered with blister packs and syringes and plastic bottles. We cannot keep polluting our waterways with antibiotics and other drugs. We want to contribute to creating a world where we coexist with healthy living creatures. We cannot be healthy at the expense of our planet and other living creatures in it. We are all one. Beyond seeing the human body as a whole, we also see the entire planet as a whole.

Our Hulda Clark Zappers are built to last. We do not believe in planned obsolescence that is merely a way to stimulate repeat sales but is wasteful of our planet’s natural resources. We offer a lifetime warranty because we believe that you need only one Hulda Clark Zapper.

If you're handy with electronics, build one yourself. You will find that it is a quick and easy project to attempt. Teach your children how to make it. Passing on the knowledge to the next generations ensures a healthy future. Watch video instructions here.

Zapping is being in tune with the frequency of the universe. Zapping is being one with nature.

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Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

These lemon, orange, and pomelo peels have been soaking in distilled white vinegar for several weeks. Mixed with water, this makes a refreshing all-around food-grade household cleaner that doesn't fill your home and airspace with toxic chemicals.

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Vitamin C Spray protects skin from sun

Vitamin C Protects Your Skin

Did you know that commercial sunscreen has been found to cause hormone disruption and cell damage to us and marine life? The healthiest way to protect your skin before and after sun exposure is something you have in your very own kitchen. Learn how to make Vitamin C Spray for use whether you're out gardening or basking in the warm rays this summer. We also have this recipe available in a handy 8 oz. spray bottle for purchase in our shop. Get one for every member of the family.

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Self Health Books by Hulda Clark

Learn practical advice

on ways to avoid the many pollutants found in mass produced products, recipes for traditional herbal cleanses, and information about the Hulda Clark Zapper. Watch and listen to excerpts from Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure for All Diseases."

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